This article is about a/an ally in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.
Haruna Sakurada
Haruna Sakurada
Gender: Female
Ally Type: Teacher
Show: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
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Haruna Sakurada is an ally in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.


Haruna-sensei is Tsukino Usagi, Osaka Naru, Kanami Abe, Momoko Kimuta, & Mizuno Ami's teacher. She is fond of assigning cleaning punishment & giving pop quizzes. When Mio Kuroki transferred into her class, she joined in with the students with fawning over the famous idol.


Unlike her counterpart from the anime and manga version, Ms. Haruna is not strict at all, but she assigns clean-up duties and pop quizzes when necessary.

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