This article is about a/an BAD Robot in Robotto Keiji.
Robot Detective K LastEp - Gearman
Gender: N/A
Villain Type: BAD Robot
Show: Robotto Keiji
Homeworld: {{{homeworld}}}
First Appearance: BAD Dies On Mars!!
Last Appearance: BAD Dies On Mars!!
Number of Episode
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Hagurumman is the final BAD Robot from the series Robotto Keiji

Character HistoryEdit

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Robot Detective K LastEp - Gearman Gear

Haguruman Gear Form

Haguruman is a super-strong robot capable of overpowering K even in his Blow Up mode. He is able to transform into a gear which he uses for attacking his opponents and escaping using a rocket propulsion device in the located in the center of the gear, allowing him to fly. He can also fire gear-shaped projectiles at his enemies.


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