This article is about a/an hero in Shougeki Gouraigan.
Gou (Human Form)
Gender: Male
Show: Shougeki Gouraigan
Color: Red
Homeworld: Chou Shinkai
First Appearance: Shougeki Gouraigan Episode 1: Daredevil
Last Full Appearance: The First and Last Time
Number of Episode Appearances: 13
Full list of appearances
Actor: Katou Takahiro

Gou is one of the lead protagonists of the series Shougeki Gouraigan

Character HistoryEdit

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The Bunba: Gou's spaceship, armed with lasers, a cannon on the bow of the ship and a fireball weapon.

Fukashigi: A large sword whose attacks are augmented by Gou's fire powers


  • Gou's true form, like Gan, resembles that of a samurai. However, Gou has a more demonic feel to his form than Gan.
  • Gou's hotblooded personality and use of a sword can be compared to MomotarosIcon-crosswiki from Kamen Rider Den-O


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