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This article is about a/an Hero in Legend Hero Samgugjeon.
Gongsun zan
Legend Hero Zhao Yun (I)
Gongsun Zan
Gender: Female
Show: Legend Hero Samgugjeon
Color: Blue
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Episode 1: Birth! Legend Hero
Last Full Appearance: Episode 50: Final Battle
Number of Episode Appearances: 21
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Actor: Choi Baeyeong
Legend Hero Zhao Yun (I)
"I will keep the Taewon (도원관은 내가 지킬게)"
―Gongsun Zan[src]

Character HistoryEdit

A novice student who practices the "Flying Dragon Fist" at Do-Won-Gwan Martial Arts School with her best friend, Liu Bei. They are both orphans who have been adopted by Master Lu Zhi. She will be later the holder of Zhao Yun after their misunderstanding about Do-Won-Gwan. Her dream is "to be Master of Do-Won-Gwan and be famous".


Gongsun Zan is strong, hot-tempered girl especially when Liu Bei becomes lazy. She supports his friend when in a time of need and understands what he feels.


Legend Hero Zhao Yun

Legend Hero Zhao Yun

"Legend Hero Zhao Yun! Let's Go!"
―Transformation Announcement[src]


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