Red alert WARNING: This series contains scenes of Gun Use, Graphic Violence, Torture, Blood and Homosexual Kiss. Viewer discretion is advised!
This article is about a/an movie set in the Tokusatsu Super Hero subgenre.
Girls in Trouble: Space Squad Episode Zero
A movie for Uchuu Keiji Gavan and Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
Girls in Trouble
Release date June 17, 2017
Written by Naruhisa Arakawa
Directed by Koichi Sakamoto

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Uchuu Keiji Gavan vs. Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger

Kamen Rider x Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero Taisen

Girls in Trouble: Space Squad Episode Zero (ガールズ・イン・トラブル スペース・スクワッド エピソードゼロ Gāruzu In Toraburu Supēsu Sukuwaddo Episōdo Zero?) is an installment in the Toei Company V-Cinema set Space Squad that serves as a crossover between the revival of the Metal HeroesIcon-crosswiki' Space Sheriff SeriesIcon-crosswiki franchise and the Super SentaiIcon-crosswiki series entry Tokusou Sentai DekarangerIcon-crosswiki.

A prologue to Gavan vs. Dekaranger, this movie focuses on the female characters of both series. [1]


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Continuity and PlacementEdit

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DekaYellow Marika "Jasmine" ReimonIcon-crosswiki
DekaPink Koume "Umeko" KodouIcon-crosswiki





  • Even though Jasmine is slightly taller than Umeko, when they eventually transform, DekaYellow ends up being slightly shorter than DekaPink.



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