Battle-Squad Captain General Bachuss (戦人隊長ジェネラルバッカス Sennin Taichō Jeneraru Batsukasu?, 17-30, 42-43) is summoned by Kaiser Hades to fight the Justirisers with his Death-Commandos, armed with a sword he uses in his Vertical Divide attack.

Being a warrior himself, he easily overpowered the Justirisers himself in his initial introduction, attempting to offer Gant the chance to joining his army. After Twins Knight's defeat by Shirogane, Bachuss goes after the Justirisers to force them to bring out Shirogane. But they fail to invoke him, Bachuss decides to mercilessly attack the Justirisers in hope that Shirogane manifests using Gentarou as a hostage before Mio arrives and the JustiPower knocks him back to Hades. He later appears on Hoshikami Island to eliminate Mio and Yuka to ensure Shirogane would never be summoned. However, when Demon Knight forces him to aid him, Bachuss attempts to kill Demon Knight along with the Justirisers. Bachuss explains to Hades that he can handle the Justisers on his own, staking his life on it. After defeating Kageri, he is confronted by Demon Knight who fights him to pay back for the earlier attempt on his life. But Shouta's interference allows him to escape with Shouta thinking that Demon Knight wounding Yuka. He later uses Glen to take out Demon Knight before taking on the Justiriser. Kageri and Gant battle Bachuss until Shouta becomes Shirogane and destroyed Bachuss.

Revived by Adorocs, he goes after Demon Knight's Riser Stone. However, he is forced to fall back by Glen and Kageri. However, she acts on her own to sake her own desire to kill Demon Knight. But Demon Knight finishes him when he and Gantz combine their signature attacks.