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Ganbare!! Robocon
Number 01
Number of episodes: 118
First episode:
Original airing: October 4, 1974 - March 25, 1977

Ganbare!! Robocon (がんばれ!!ロボコン Ganbare!! Robokon?, Do Your Best!! Robocon) was a Japanese tokusatsu show created by Shotaro Ishinomori that aired from 1974 to 1977. It is notable for being the first "kiddie" show created by Toei. In 1999, it recieved a sequel, Moero!! Robocon.


The show features the titular Robocon, a student of the Gantz' Robot Academy. He lives among humans, and studies their ways.



Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Gantsu Sensei
  • Robobin
  • Robo-P
  • Robogeta
  • Robokero
  • Robomogu
  • Robodigi
  • Roboboss
  • Robin-chan


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External LinksEdit

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