This article is about a/an hero in Shougeki Gouraigan.
Gender: Male
Show: Shougeki Gouraigan
Color: Blue
Homeworld: Chou Shinkai
First Appearance: Absolute Justice
Last Full Appearance: The First and Last Time
Number of Episode Appearances: 9
Full list of appearances
Actor: Yamamoto Shouma

"Absolute Justice is here!"- Gan's introductory catchphrase

Gan is a Hikaribito and one of the 5 main heroes of Shougeki Gouraigan

Character HistoryEdit

Gan was a Hikaribito who became a Kageribito by indiscriminately killing Magii, good or evil, to uphold his views of justice.

When he arrived on Earth, he saved a group of kids from a Magii that tried to devour them and stopped a Magii before he could make unwanted advances at a young girl. However, he also chased down innocent Magii such as the man who was going to be the fiance of Hitomi's friend Kayo, Ryouta. After Ryouta almost breaks off the engagement to Kayo to protect her from Gan, Gou challenges him to The Battlefield. Gan gains the upper hand using his superior speed and power and almost defeats Gou but he does not yield and wins when his weapon is disabled and Gan accepts being his subordinate despite winning.


Gan can best be described as an old, traditional hero-of-justice type personality to an extreme. He often lectures humans on things like not smoking in the street or women applying makeup in public rather than at home. He believed that all Magii were "a sin" that needed to be cleansed from the Earth until Gou defeated him.


Gan is a powerful warrior that possesses limited super speed and incredible strength.


Weapon AdventEdit

  • ????: A mini cannon with 3 blades covering the muzzle. The weapon can fire powerful blasts of energy and can be powered up to full by attaching to Gan's chest armor.


  • His true form resembles that of a Samurai.