This article is about a/an villain-turned-ally group in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.
PGSM Shitenou SpecialAct

The Shitennou with their Prince and the Moon Princess

The Four Heavenly Kings or the Shitennou (四天王, Shiten'nō) were originally the guardians of the Prince of the Earth. They are tasked to defend their leader and would defend him on their own accord, acting individually, or as a group. After the tragedy that destroyed the Moon Kingdom and almost devastated the Earth, they were revived by Queen Beryl using Queen Metalia's powers and supposedly kept them in control through magical gems which represented their respective names.

Special ActEdit

In the Special Act, Queen Mio made her own version of the Shitennou who kidnapped both Mamoru Chiba and Usagi Tsukino. They were then confronted and destroyed by the originals who were still recuperating at the time of the abduction. The original Shitennou helped in defeating Queen Mio by returning Mamoru to his Prince Endymion form. They were later seen in the shadows as they cheer on their Prince's marriage with the Moon Princess.



  • In the special, Act 0, the Shitennou's actors portrayed four clumsy policemen, and can be seen portraying their characters as if they were also reincarnated as humans.
    • Jadeite's counterpart was an effeminate officer who is emotional.
    • Nephrite's counterpart was a hotheaded officer who is addicted to a drug named (as a pun to Ami's name) Ami-tan 1000.
    • Zoisite's counterpart was that of an officer with anemia, but has an amazing clairvoyance ability.
    • Kunzite's counterpart was that of the officers' chief leader who gets really serious after being humiliated.

See AlsoEdit

  • Shitennou - Shitennou in the metaseries Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.

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