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Javious the First-(2-43)

Dr. Hinelar-(1-51)

Shibolena (1-50)

Yugande-(1-8, 13)/Yugande Strong-(13-31)/Super Warrior Yugande-(50)


Guirail-unknown(19-31)/Giga Gurail-(31-32)/Mad Gurail-(32)

Hizumina (Gingaman vs. Megaranger)


Boss Kunekune-(14)

Master Kunekune-(14)

Nejire BeastsEdit

Stingray Nejire-stingray(2)

Rhino Nejire-rhinoceros(3, 21)

Chameleon Nejire-chameleon(4)

Shrimp Nejire-shrimp(5, 21)

Elephant Nejire-elephant(6)

Bee Nejire-bee(7, 21)

Bat Nejire-bat(9)/Neo Bat Nejire-bat(10)

Rose Nejire-rose(11)

Mole Nejire-mole(12)

Owl Nejire-owl(15)

Poison Moth Nejire-moth(16, 21)

Toad Nejire-toad(17, 21)

Mushroom Nejire-mushroom(18)

Scorpion Nejire-scoprion(19)

Crocodile Nejire 1 & 2-crocodile(20)

Centipede Nejire-centipede(21)

Antlion Nejire-antlion(22)

Anglerfish Nejire-anglerfish(23)


Buffalo Nejire-buffalo(24)

Moray Nejire Red & Blue-moray eel(25)

Cicada Nejire-cicada(26)

Coral Nejire-coral(27)

Termite Nejire-termite(28)

Soldier Termite Nejire-termite(28)

Pig Nejire-pig(29)


Lion Nejilar-lion(33)

Porcupine Nejilar-porcupine(34)

Mantis Nejilar-mantis(35)

Condor Nejilar-condor(36)

Canary Nejilar-canary(37)

Lizard Nejilar-lizard(39)

Thorn Needle Nejilar-cactus(45)

Illusion Nejilar-unknown(46)

Transport Nejilar-vacuum(47)

Hell Nejilar-demon(49)

Crab Nejilar-crab(Megaranger vs. Carranger)

Jaden Sentai NejirangerEdit

Neji Red(Neji Phantom)-fire(38-43, 48)

Neji Black(Neji Vulgar)-rocks(38-43, 48)

Neji Blue(Neji Bizzare)-crystals(38-41, 48)

Neji Yellow(Neji Sophia)-lizard/hornet(38-43, 48)

Neji Pink(Neji Jealous)-plant(38-40, 48)


Ultimate Lifeform-(13)


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