Drago is a mechanized Dragon formed when Jamb and Torb combine. It was almost always piloted by Tanker, and occasionally by Sydney. Later in the series, Jamb and Torb would just appear as one single jet fighter and was piloted by either Sydney or Tanker and eventually just transform into Drago. Neither Amp or Lucky have piloted Drago during the series run. While Tanker and Syd were the default pilots for the "Drago Jet," Mrs. Starkey did pilot the vehicle in one episode Starkey in Syberspace.

Attack VehiclesEdit

  • Jamb: A dragon head mini-jet which also acts as a bazooka type flame thrower, known as the Dragon Cannon, which is used by Servo. Its main pilot is Sydney.
  • Torb: A giant jet with various weaponry. Its main pilot is Tanker.

When it combines with Servo, they form Servo's upgrade known as Phormo, which is armed with a pair of laser gauntlets.

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