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Doctor Zora (ドクターゾラ Dokutā Zora?, 1-16, 42-43) is a female fox-armored scientist who is devoted to freeing her master Kaiser Hades from his prison.

Arriving to Earth and finding the resting place of Kaizer Hades in Kamishiro Mountain, she uses her Cyber Knights to attack Earth. But after the three Justirisers appeared, Zora personally attempts to kill the Justirisers, but was shattered by the team. However, Zora regenerates into a new stronger fighting form and begins going after the Stellar Plates to break the seal keeping Hades trapped. She personally battles the Justirisers when they search for the Seventh key Plate at Kamishiroyama, using her teleportation power to divide and conquer. She almost kills them when Mio invoked her JustiPower in her crystal to drive Zora back. When the Justirisers flee the hidden base after encountering Hades, Zora attacks the Justirisers as she destroys the Stellar Plate. Though the Justirisers attempt to intervene, Zora shatters the key plate and frees Hades as she is wounded by then as they manage to turn the tables on her. However, as Hades' ship emerges out of Kamishiro Mountain, Zora enlarges into a giant monster to keep Riseross from intercepting it. Though she over-powers KenRiser and JuRiser, Ranga's arrival turns the tables and NinRiser is formed and it than beats Zora.

Revived by Adorocs, Zora nearly killed Kageri before going after Mio's Justi Crystal. However, she acts on her own to sake her own desire for revenge against her and the other Justi Risers. Weakened by a revived Glen, Zora is killed for good by Kageri.