This article is about a/an Knight in Satria Garuda BIMA X.
Dimas aksara
Tiger Knight Torga
Dimas Aksara
Gender: Male
Show: BIMA Garuda Knight
Color: Orange, White
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Perintah Pembunuhan Ricca! (as Master)

Satria Baru Bernama Torga! (as Torga)

Last Full Appearance: Pertarungan Terakhir menuju Kedamaian
Number of Episode Appearances: 33 (Bima-X)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Fernando Surya
Tiger Knight Torga
Tiger Ultimate Thunder

Dimas Aksara is Tiger Knight Torga, one of the heroes in the Indonesian Tokusatsu, Garuda Knight Bima-X. Ricca called him "The Master". He can transform by using the Orange Power Stone.

Character History Edit

At the time of Rasputin's death, Dimas was chosen to be Tiger Knight Torga because of his courage to sacrifice himself to save someone. He was doing a special training until he is ready to fight. He is first seen training in episode 17.

His debut as Torga is seen in episode 21, when he saved Bima and Azazel from Draconer's attack.

Personality Edit

Even though Dimas is a billionaire that does not know about normal people's way of life because of his futuristic technology, he is not an arrogant person. He loves how Ray and his family lives in simplicity. He is also a generous person.

Unfortunately, as a Knight, he still need to learn about teamwork, and stop being overconfident that sometimes brings him to recklessness.


As Torga, Dimas has access to multiple forms, similar to Bima-X


Torga Default Form

Torga's basic tiger/knight themed form, accessed by inserting the Orange Power Stone into the Torga Changer. In this form, Torga can summon an orange robot tiger named Atlas, that can turn into a cannon weapon.


  • Torga Changer
  • Orange Power Stone
  • Atlas
    • Animal Mode
    • Cannon Mode

Torga Ice Mode

Torga Ice Mode

Torga's white tiger/knight themed alternate form.


  • Torga Changer
  • White Power Stone


  • Dimas is the first Knight to be based on a creature other than a Garuda, in this case, a tiger.

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