Destalan (デスタラン Desutaran?, 19-20): A member of the elite guard, Destalan is sent after the Justirisers with his ability to fire his numbness-inducing Death Needles from his right forearm for his trademark Needles Scorn attack.

Using the first fight to analyze their abilities, Destalan later attacks Glen while Leo Gigas is on the attack. But he attacked from behind by Glen, forced to retreat to have his wounds treated. Once healed and made an attempt on Gant's life, Destalan is given one last chance to kill the Justirisers by all means. As a result, Destalan attacks Shinya while he was seeing his parents. Making it personally as a result, Gant battles Dantalan with Glen and Kageri supporting him. However, Bachuss arrives and cocoons Gant so Bachuss can take him out. But Gant uses his Versus Cannon to break out of the cocoon and kill Dantalan in the process.