Deathborg Leogaias (デストボーグ・レオガイアス Desutobōgu Reogaiasu?, 19, 38): Sent by Destalan to attack a building Shinya and Mio were in, it battled NinRiser. Leogigas can use its "Gravilight Ray" to telekinetically torture his opponent. Before it could finish Ninriser off with its Megalinum Shot, Gant managed to stop the monster. Enoh and Kouki arrive to support NinRiser as it destroys Leogaias with its Typhoon Slicer attack. Leogaias is rebuilt by Adoroc as Leogaias II, given a Warp Cannon to teleport the Justirisers and Riseross off Earth so Gamleon can take the JustiCrystal without interference. The plan is foiled when the Shadestar retrieves Riseross as it returns to Earth with the three Gensei Beasts which disarm Legaias. Then JuuRiser is formed to finish LeoGaias off.

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