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Death Phantoms
Satria Garuda BIMA X
Death Phantom
Led by: Rexor
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Trio Death Phantoms is a battle group of the god Black Lord. They come down to Earth and disguised as a man to carry out missions as a representative of a large Black Lord.


After the Black Lord declared as ruler VUDO, formed Death Phantoms consisting of Rexor, Lady Mossa, and Draconer.


  • Rexor / Reza Alamsyah, leader of Death Phantoms masked Tyrannosaurus. The most intelligent of the trio Death Phantoms, Rexor has created a machine that can duplicate Power Stone, producing Power Stone synthetic embedded in monsters subordinates Black Lord . Although not as strong as the original, Power Stone synthetic give the monsters Black Lord great power. Leading the invasion mission to Earth, he disguised himself as a minister Livelihoods and Natural Resources Research.
  • Lady Mossa / Amestina Seraphine, masked Mosasaurusand disguised as a woman entrepreneur stone jewelry with the nickname Tina. Tina can access the information and the discovery of new natural stone by stone jewelry business guise.
  • Draconer / Chris Ruslan, masked Pteranodon and the mission disguised as a young journalist news anchor Hot Scramble. Draconer choose this disguise to reach and manipulate the network news and the latest information on the Earth for the sake of VUDO.


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