Danhauser (ダンハウザー Danhausā?, 27): An old comrade of Bachuss and Demon Knight's mentor, he is the last of the Death Commandos and is sent after the Justirisers before they can fully realize Shirogane's power.

Appearing as Glen battled Jinno, Danhauser overpowers him as Shinya arrives. Taking Jinno with him, he attempts to reveal him his origin before Bachuss appears and tell his apprentice to uncover the part on himself to gain new power. Resuming his mission by starting with Glen and Kageri, Danhauser battles the two as Gant arrives. But when Glen finally becomes Shirogane, Danhauser took the fatal blow meant for Demon Knight. In his dying breath, reveals to Demon Knight's power is sealed, but died before revealing Demon Knight's true identity.