This article is about a/an Sazer in Chousei Kantai Sazer-X.
Commander Shark
Commander Shark
Gender: Male
Show: Chousei Kantai Sazer-X
Color: Grey
Homeworld: Planet Rady
First Appearance: Takuto's on Fire!
Last Full Appearance: The Friendship Crosses Time...
Number of Episode Appearances: 38 (Sazer-X)
1 (Movie)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Hiroshi Matsunaga

Commander Shark is the leader of Sazer X team in Chousei Kantai Sazer-X


Shark is the resistance leader against the Neo-Descal. He turned traitor for the Neo Descal when he was stranded in 1960´s Earth while he was developing a wormhole. At that time, he was a researcher for the Neo Descal. When his ship fell to Earth he met Soujiro Ando and spent around a year repairing the ship and coming back to the future with the help of the cosmo capsules. He decided to fight against Neo Descal, when seeing the Earth was worth protecting.

He is the serious type who often has very few words for his crew, which makes him appear cold and detached. However, knowing the consequences of his actions, he tries to bear the burden alone and minimize grief and worry for his followers. He made a mortal enemy of former comrade Jackall beacuse he left if behind when he decided to turn traitor. He saved a very young and sickly Remy and left her in the care of a family in the Planet Roue. After Remy reunites with him as his assistant, he in a certain way acts as an adoptive father for Remy.

He sends Remy in the Lio Carrier, Ad in the Adle Eagle and Kane in the Beet Vizor to the past before he can reunite with them in their quest to save the future by saving the 2005 Earth from the attack of the Space Pirates. 

He is portrayed by Hiroshi Matsunaga.

Shark SazerEdit

With the Strage Device, Shark calls the "Shark Knucle" which allows him to equip into Shark-Sazer, whose element is Water, he also has the Shark Bash, a sword than can be powered up with cosmo capsules. His personal capsule is "Shark IV" which, equipped in the sword, can perform his hissatsu attack "Shark Flash" a wave of water in the form of a shark.



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