Leader of the Rejandar forces, the vain Commander Adorocs (コマンダー・アドロクス Komandā Adorokusu?, 34-45) is the vanguard who takes Hades' place in preparing Earth for his master's arrival, attempting to obtain the JustiCrystal and Riser Stone. Having the ability to recreate anyone if he has a genetic sample of them, Adorocs revives Bachuss and Zora after testing the limits of the Justirisers and Demon Knight. Given a final chance to get the JustiCrystal before Daruga comes to Earth, Adorocs possesses the body of JSDF Director Shirakawa to use the JSDF to capture the Justirizers, Mio, and Reika while taking the JustiCrystal. But when Kujo learns the truth, Adoroc decides have the military kill off the Jusirizers and company as they escape their cell. Tricked into leaving Shirakawa's body, Adorocs overwhelms the Justirisers and Demon Knight before Shirogane. But after Daruga severs his escape route, a fearful Adrorocs is forced to fight for his life until Shirogane destroys him.

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