This article is about a/an Villains in Satria Garuda BIMA X.
Chris Ruslan
Chris Ruslan (Human) / Draconer
Gender: Male
Villain Type: General
Show: Satria Garuda BIMA X
First Appearance: Satria Garuda Bima-X The Beginning
Last Appearance: Satria Baru Bernama Torga!
Number of Episode
21 (Series)
1 (TV Special
Full list of appearances
Actor: Yoga Hoebner

Chris Ruslan is Draconer and disguised as a young journalist to reach the network news and the latest information on Earth.


Draconer first appeared in the form of monsters in a special episode that Satria Garuda Bima-X: New Beginning come together Rexor and Lady mosa. He entered into the earth when the first invasion by the forces of Black-Lord driving inter-dimensional plane.

Draconer is one member of a crisis that hate shadow with iron mask. The episode Satria Garuda Bima-X: New Beginning He killed secretly iron mask, but he failed to kill the iron mask, and a great battle going on Episode 9. and a battle between Shadow Crisis and Draconer.

Draconer one of the most distinguished members of the Death Phantoms stubborn, he destroys his opponent by way blindly indiscriminately who his opponent. Draconer first appeared in human form as Chris Ruslan in Episode 2.

Draconer killed by the Iron Mask in episode 21 Bima-X after losing against Bima-X, Azazel, and Torga.


Form Draconer In Shape Robes


to be added

Great Monster Draconer

First Appearance: Episode 13.

akan ditambahkan

Draconer Upgrade

Draconer used Phantom Weapon

First Appearance: Episode 20-21.


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