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Choujin Bibyun
Number 2
Number of episodes: 36
First episode:
Original airing: July 06, 1976 - March 29, 1977
Akumaizer 3

Choujin Bibyun (超神ビビューン Chojin Bibyun?) is a classic tokusatsu series created by Shotaro Ishinomori and Toei. The series consists of 36 episodes which is a joint production of NET (now TV Asahi), and aired in Japan starting on July 6, 1976 until March 29, 1977 This series is also a sequel of Akumaizer 3.


After their original bodies were destroyed, the Akumaizers 3 are reincarnated into the Choujin Bibyun team, now with human forms.


The ChoujinsEdit

Bibyun Kei Tsukimura (Xavitan)
Bashhan Ichiro Suga (Evil)
Zushiin Go Watabe (Gabra)



  • This is the third direct sequel to a non-Rider franchise done by Shotaro Ishinomori.

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