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Cepat! Selamatkan Bumi dari Bencana Letusan
Satria Garuda BIMA X, Episode 02
Air date September 21, 2014
Written by Junko Komura
Directed by Teruyoshi Ishii, Arnandha Wyanto
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Pencarian Power Stone Biru

Cepat! Selamatkan Bumi dari Bencana Letusan (Hurry! Safe the Earth from Eruption Disaster) is the second episode of Satria Garuda Bima-X.


Azazel could feel the difference in the strength of the Power Stone and Power Stone instead. Once visited by Bima Legend, Azazel sought strength from Power Stone else that strength increases, along with the increased strength of the Black Lord.


A volcano erupted mysteriously. Ray suspect that VUDO deliberately made the eruption to search for hidden Power Stone.

When the investigation, Ray and Reza came across a mysterious girl who also want to investigate the mountain. Before knowing who she was, suddenly Bachyura, the monster crab back up and attack them. Revealed that Bachyura been revived after Rexor Power Stone Synthetic instill in his chips. Reza left Ray fight with hordes VUDO to go up and investigate the crater of the volcano; see figure knight without a physical form that says that he must find a foreign object in the active crater to save the Earth. Instead of finding the Power Stone, Reza found that the cause of the eruption it turns out is a giant crab pet monster Bachyura.

At the foot of the mountain, BIMA was overwhelmed Bachyura strength increases, but eventually managed to lead with the power of fire magic sword Helios. Volcanic eruption died down after Azazel easily defeat a giant crab Bachyura. After the fight was over, Reza told Ray that he had to go searching for Power Stone is lost, leaving Ray to fight alone against attacks VUDO next.

While it was revealed that the mysterious girl that met with Ray and Reza also know and are looking for Power Stone is missing; and Rexor continue the mission of his quest Power Stone to the next area.





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