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This article is about a/an ranger in France Five.
Catherine Fontaine
Pink à la Mode
Catherine Fontaine
Gender: Female
Show: France Five
Color: pink
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Hypnostreum's Attack! Don't Lose the Guide!
Last Full Appearance: This Time, It's the End. Antoine faces his Destiny!
Number of Episode Appearances: 6
Full list of appearances
Actor: Wendy Roeltgen (1-3), Nolwenn Daste (4-6)
Pink à la Mode
Pink à la Mode

"Pink, à la Mode!"

Catherine Fontaine is the Pink Ranger of France Five.

Recognized top-model and skilled in haute-couture, she is accustomed to the jet set parties and also a cleaning maniac (to the dismay of our heroes).

Character HistoryEdit

Catherine Fontaine2

Catherine Fontaine (4-6)

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A natural happy girl, she is with Blue the good natured member of the group. Playing hard to get, she is in reality very interested in Silver.

Pink à la ModeEdit


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