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"As soon as you obtain a possible landing point, let me know."
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Gender: Unknown
Villain Type: Garban
Show: Chouseishin Gransazer
Homeworld: Garba
First Appearance: Tenma Dies!
Last Appearance: The Day of Resurrection
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances

Cabyron (キャブレオン Kyabureon?) is a dragon-like Garban in Chouseishin Gransazer.


Arriving in a fireball, Cabyron is used by Gorgion to attack the JSDF to draw the Gransazers out into the open to complete his mission. Cabyron succeeds in damaging Guntras to keep the Gransazers from forming DaiSazer and wrecks the other Chouseishin while appearing to kill Tenma. But once Warp Monarch acknowledges the truth about Earth, the Chouseishin are restored and form DaiSazer to kill it.

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