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This article is about a/an show in the Tokusatsu Super Hero subgenre.
Logo BimaSatriaGaruda 2013
BIMA Satria Garuda
Number 1
Number of episodes: 26
First episode: episode 01
Original airing: June 30, 2013

BIMA Satria Garuda (A.K.A. BIMA The Garuda Warrior) is an Indonesian Tokusatsu produced by Indonesia MNC and Japan's Ishimori Productions, the company behind the Kamen Rider Series. On June 10, 2014, the TV show's official Facebook page announced that a second season is in development.


Led by the enigmatic Rasputin, the evil organization VUDO came from a parallel universe to steal the natural resources of Earth like oxygen, water and sunlight. Ray, a young man from Earth, was chosen to be a hero to protect the Earth from the evil invaders' attack.


Bima-X Ray Bramasakti
Azazel Reza Bramasakti
Torga Master?

Ray Bramasakti is the main protagonist who transforms himself to Bima Satria Garuda by using the Red Power Stone given by the mysterious person named Mikhail. A honest and quiet man, he is working as a technician in the Satria Motor. He was an orphan, but have Randy and Rena as his close friends. As BIMA, Ray is granted the agility, focus and strength of a Garuda. He also uses a weapon named Helios. When called, Helios will come flying out from the sun. His finishing move is the Garuda Strike.



Ray and Rena

  • Randy Iskandar is one of Ray's best friends since high school, and acts as his big brother. Also known as Ray Way, he was an orphan, who inherited wealth from his parents. He lived and raised by his uncle who saved him as a child.
  • Rena Iskandar is the younger sister of Randy. She is innocent and naive. Even though she always tries to help Bima, but often just ended up getting in his way by getting kidnapped, etc. She admires both Randy and Ray, and she is in love with Ray.
  • Noir/BIMA Legend : A warrior from a parallel universe who fought VUDO hundreds of years ago.



Rasputin the leader of Parallel World

Rasputin is the head of VUDO, an evil organization from a parallel world whose goal is steal the Earth's resources, such as oxygen, water, and sunlight. He uses the power of the Black Power Stone as a main power resource. He has a right hand man by the name of Iron Mask, which acts as the captain of their warship. The face behind the mask is not known, however, he has the power of Blue Power Stone.

Monsters include Tiger, Scorpion and Lizard Monsterman. There is also a guy called Azazel who fights BIMA for Rasputin. He has a weapon called Toranus (God of Thunder).


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