This article is about a/an list of weapons & devices in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.
This page lists all the weapons & devices used by the Sailor Scouts. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Sailor Moon series page as well as the team page of the Sailor Scouts.

Transformation DevicesEdit

Heart Moon BroochEdit


Heart Moon Brooch

Heart Moon Brooch ({{{2}}}): Usagi Tsukino uses her necklace as a transformation device, in conjunction with a nameless tube of lipstick to transform into Sailor Moon with the phrase 'Moon Prism Power, Make Up.' Her brooch becomes larger when she is Sailor Moon. It vanished when the Silver Crystal was destroyed & temporarily restored with the hep of the Legendary Sword.

Silver BraceletsEdit


Silver Bracelet

Silver Bracelets ({{{2}}}): Each of the Guardian Senshi has her own transformation item that allow them to transform into Sailor Senshi. It transfoms into the Jewelry Star Bracelet during the transformation.

Jewelry Star BraceletsEdit


Jewelry Star Bracelets

Jewelry Star Bracelets ({{{2}}}): The Guardian Senshi's Silver Bracelets transform into Jewelry Star Bracelets when they transform into Sailor Senshi. The bracelets remain present are their wrists as Senshi. They vanished when the Ginzuishou was destroyed, they were restored with the help of the Legendary Sword. They then vanished once again when the battle was done.

Sidearms & Individual WeaponsEdit

Moonlight StickEdit


Moonlight Stick

Moonlight Stick ({{{2}}}): A type of weapon used by Sailor Moon. The crescent attached to them are made of crystal. Sailor Moon uses hers for most attacks. It first appeared in Act 1, by coming out of her brooch. In Act 27, it was shattered by Dark Mercury, but it reappeared again, undamaged, in Act 28. In Act 48, when Metalia Endymion sent a blast of energy at Sailor Moon, she used the Moonlight Stick to defend herself & it shattered & disappeared. It appeared once again in the Special Act. Sailor Luna has her own Moonlight Stick & changes it into other objects on occasion, including a paper fan, a golden fan (Act 39), & a catching net (Act 29) to fetch Mercury's Sailor Star Tamborine. It first appears in Episode 27.

Moon TiaraEdit


Moon Tiara

Moon Tiara ({{{2}}}): To perform the attack 'Moon Tiara Boomerang,' Sailor Moon detaches her tiara & it's shape would change into a boomerang. She then threw it at her opponent. The tiara would then reappear on her forehead shortly afterwards.

Crescent Moon CutterEdit


Crescent Moon Cutter

Crescent Moon Cutter ({{{2}}}): The Crescent Moon Cutter was a weapon used by Sailor V. She could hold it as she attacked, wielding it like a small knife, or throw it at her enemies & have it return back to her, boomerang-style. She also wielded it as 'Princess' Sailor Venus.

Sailor Star TambourineEdit


Sailor Star Tambourines

Sailor Star Tambourine ({{{2}}}): Each of the Guardian Senshi were given star-shaped attack item by Artemis. Together with Sailor Moon, these items enable the Senshi to use the 'Moonlight Attractive Attack' & the 'Sailor Planet Attack.' Not all of them need be present to use these combined attacks. Sailor Jupiter & Sailor Mercury are shown using theirs for their Jupiter Thunderbolt & Mercury Aqua Storm. They can also be used for an unnamed attack that launches star shapes. In the final episode & the Special Act, the Tamborines are turned into weapons -- a Mercury Sword, Jupiter Spear, & Mars & Venus Daggers.

Mercury SwordEdit


Mercury Sword

Mercury Sword ({{{2}}}): There is no official name for this weapon. Sailor Mercury transformed her Sailor Star Tambourine into the sword by calling upon the powers of water & Mercury. She used it in the Final Act & the Special Act.

Jupiter SpearEdit


Jupiter Spear

Jupiter Spear ({{{2}}}): There is no official name for this weapon. Sailor Jupiter transformed her Sailor Star Tambourine into the spear by calling upon the powers of wood & Jupiter. She originally created it to defeat the Youma created by Princess Sailor Moon in the Final Act. The spear reappeared in the Special Act.

Mars DaggerEdit


Mars Dagger

Mars Dagger ({{{2}}}): There is no official name for the weapons. Sailor Mars transformed both Sailor Venus' & her own Sailor Star Tambourine into the daggers by calling upon the powers of fire & Mars. She originally created them to defeat the Youma created by Princess Sailor Moon in the Final Act. The daggers reappeared in the Special Act, but were instead used by Sailor Venus.

Venus DaggerEdit


Venus Dagger

Venus Dagger ({{{2}}}): There is no official name for these weapons. Sailor Venus used her dagger & a matching one belonging to Sailor Mars in the Special Act to protect Sailor Moon. Some call both Twin Daggers or Mars Venus Daggers.

Venus Love-Me ChainEdit


Venus Love-Me Chain

Venus Love-Me Chain ({{{2}}}): Sailor Venus wore this chain as a belt & used it as a defensive & offensive physical weapon. The chain was strong enough to block edged weapons without breaking. She prominently used it to perform the 'Venus Love-Me Chain Attack.'

Princess Sword/Princess HarpEdit


Princess Harp (top left) & Princess Sword (bottom right)

Princess Sword ({{{2}}})/Princess Harp ({{{2}}}): Princess Sailor Moon conjures this sword to deflect off attacks, absorb them, & send them back at her opponent. She can perform a five-point-star-patterned energy field to send out a powerful destructive energy. It also turns into a harp, that she uses to play for her sorrow, & sometimes to heal people & other living things, including plants.

Silver CrystalEdit


Silver Crystal

Illusionary Silver Crystal (幻の銀水晶 Maboroshi no Ginzuishou): This was owned by Princess Serenity during the Silver Millennium. Sailor Moon mainly used it as a healing tool, but it could be used as an offensive weapon. When the Dark Kingdom attacked & Endymion was killed, Princess Serenity used the Ginzuishou to wipe out the forces of the Dark Kingdom, as well as destroy all life on Earth. In Act 25, Tuxedo Mask was mortally injured by Kunzite. As she cradled his body & wept, Sailor Moon changed into Princess Serenity.

One of her tears paused in midair, shining with an intense light, & became the Ginzuishou. Its power healed Tuxedo Mask & forced their enemies to retreat. However, the crystal was never fully separated from her body. After that, whenever Mamoru was endangered, Sailor Moon transformed into Princess Sailor Moon. Princess Sailor Moon said that she would use the Silver Crystal to destroy the world again if it should come to that. Using the Ginzuishou increased the power of Queen Metalia & since Usagi unintentionally used it every time she was upset, she was forced to struggle to suppress any negative emotion in order for the power not to go haywire. When Sailor Moon was forced to kill Prince Endymion after he was possessed by Queen Metalia in Act 48, it proved to be too much for her. She transformed into Princess Sailor Moon again &, even though the Senshi attempted to stop her, she destroyed the planet using the power of the Ginzuishou. She released all the power of the Ginzuishou to restore everything to normal, killing herself & destroying the crystal in the process. However, by the wish of the Sailor Senshi & the Shitennou, both Usagi & Mamoru were revived.