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This article is about a/an list of weapons, devices, & vehicles in Chouseishin Gransazer.

This page lists all the weapons, devices, & vehicles used by the Gransazers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Gransazer series page as well as the team page of the Gransazers.

Transformation DevicesEdit



Knuckle Riser

Knuckle Riser ({{{2}}}?): Each Gransazer has a symbol on their left hand that can glow. They correspond to their astrological sign & it becomes the Knuckle-Riser when needed. By setting the Knuckle-Riser to Transformation Mode, they transform by saying, "Equip!" (装着 Sōchaku!?) When three members gather & set their Knuckle-Risers to Chouseishin Mode, they can summon Chouseishin. To board, a member must set their Knuckle-Riser to Boarding Mode in order to 'Dive-In'. They can also communicate with other Sazers by setting the Knuckle-Riser to Communication Mode.

Individual Weapons & AttacksEdit

Falcon BowEdit


Falcon Bow

Falcon Bow ({{{2}}}?): Sazer-Tarious' main weapon, a bow & arrow set situated on the left wrist (in place of the Knuckle Riser). Its finishing attack is called "Burning Falcon", which involves the shooting of a giant fiery arrow from the Falcon Bow.

Swan SectorEdit


Swan Sector

Swan Sector ({{{2}}}?): Sazer-Mithras' main weapons, a pair of fans. Its finishing attack, known as the "Brand Tornado", resembles a blast from a flame-thrower tornado.

Double CrescentsEdit


Double Crescents

Double Crescents ({{{2}}}?): Sazer-Lion's main weapons,  a pair of swords. Its finishing attack, called "Hien Zan" (Flying Swallow Cut), resembles a wave of fire.

Iron GaleEdit


Iron Gale

Iron Gale ({{{2}}}?): Sazer-Remls' main weapon, a cannon. Its finishing attack is called "Final Judgement", which is a concentrated ball of air.

Sel CrossEdit


Sel Cross

Sel Cross ({{{2}}}?): Sazer-Velsou's main weapons, a pair of bucklers, resembling discs. Its finishing attack is called "Full Moon Slash", which is a vertical slash of magenta-tinted air that charges to the target.

Axe TaggerEdit


Axe Tagger

Axe Tagger ({{{2}}}?): Sazer-Dail's main weapons, axe-like tonfas. Its finishing attack is called "Dai Senpuu Ha" (Whirlwind Strike), which is a horizontal tornado blast.

Bull CannonEdit


Bull Cannon

Bull Cannon ({{{2}}}?): Sazer-Tawlon's main weapon, a pair of shoulder cannons. Its finishing attack is called "Matador Burst".

Lady ClawEdit


Lady Claw

Lady Claw ({{{2}}}?): Sazer-Visuel's main weapons, a pair of long, sharp claws that are attached to her hands. Its finishing attack is called "Night Scratch", which is a powerful claw slash.

Spiral HornEdit


Spiral Horn

Spiral Horn ({{{2}}}?): Sazer-Tragos' main weapon, a drill arm. Its finishing attack is called "Penetrate Thunder", which is a drill attack that involves a dive from a height.

Blast SawEdit


Blast Saw

Blast Saw ({{{2}}}?): Sazer-Gorbion's main weapon, a serrated broadsword. Its finishing attack is called "De Storm", which calls forth a small tsunami.

Aqua BlitzEdit


Aqua Blitz

Aqua Blitz ({{{2}}}?): Sazer-Pisces' main weapon, a small gun. Its finishing attack is called "Blink Shot", which is a strong blast.




Kallinikos ({{{2}}}?): Sazer-Gans' main weapon, a double blade halberd. Its finishing attack is called "Taikai Shousetsudan", which shoots a stream of water.


Grand VehiclesEdit

The Grand Vehicles (グランドビークル Gurandobīkuru?) are fighter jets created by a very ancient mechanism for supporting the Chouseishin. They are usually stored inside the Cloud Dragon. Each tribe has three Grand Vehicles, one per tribe member.




Flame-Driver (フレイムドライバー Fureimudoraibā?): The Grand Vehicle of the Flame Tribe. It looks a bit like a bird & a sword. It has two wings that extend out.


  • Length: 19.5 m
  • Width: 13.2 m
  • Height: 5.6 m
  • Weight: 40 tons




Wind-Driver (ウィンドドライバー U~indodoraibā?): The Grand Vehicle of the Wind Tribe. It has two laser cannons & has the shape of a beetle with two pincers that open.


  • Length: 19.5 m
  • Width: 13 m
  • Height: 6 m
  • Weight: 6 tons




Earth-Driver (アースドライバー Āsudoraibā?): The Grand Vehicle of the Earth Tribe. It has two sets of jet wings, claws on the back, & four cannons of lasers.


  • Length: 18 m
  • Width: 12.5 m
  • Height: 6 m
  • Weight: 50 tons




Aqua-Driver (アクアドライバー Akuadoraibā?): The Grand Vehicle of the Water Tribe. It resembles a dolphin & has two lasers.


  • Length: 21 m
  • Width: 13 m
  • Weight: 40 tons

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