Armyul (アルミュール Arumyuru?, 40, 41): A boar-armored Rejandar with a sumo-fighting style who can turn into mist. Sent after the JustiCrystal,

he takes it from Mio before it ends up in the possession of a boy named Kazuya. Armyul later finds him with Mio at the Asuru district, only to be stopped by the Justirisers before retreating after Glen manages to damage his armor. After getting his armor fixed an arm-scissors blade upgrade, Armyul is sent after Demon Knight when he came close to finding Adorocs' base of operations. Though he overpowers Gant and Demon Knight before Glen and Kageri arrive to even the odds, Armyul is weakened by Shirogane before he is destroyed by Demon Knight and Gant.