This article is about a/an film in the Tokusatsu Super Hero subgenre.
Armor Heroes: The Shadow Crisis
A movie for Armor Hero Series
Release date 2018 or 2019 or 2020
Production Order
Armor Hero: Captor King
Armor Heroes: The Shadow Crisis (铠甲英雄之暗影危机) is a Chinese tokusatsu movie. It is a reboot of the film Armor Hero: Emperor[1] and also the first crossover movie of Armor Hero series.


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Armor HeroesEdit

  • Armor Hero Dragon: Xin Nan/Eric
  • Armor Hero Eagle: Dong Shan/Sam
  • Armor Hero Rhino: Bei Miao/Mike
  • Armor Hero Tiger: Kun Zhong/Tommy
  • Armor Hero Mastiff: Xi Zhao/Ivan
  • Armor Hero Emperor: Li Ziyang Jack
  • Armor Hero Mars: Li Haotian/Tim
  • Armor Hero Aero: Xu Tingfei/Edward Fei Jr.
  • Armor Hero Giant: Wu Gang/Jason Gang
  • Armor Hero Lava/Tornado: Ma Kuohai
  • Armor Hero Tsunami/Cliff: Ke Sheng
  • Armor Hero Atlas: Duanmu Yan
  • Armor Hero Techno: Ma Qingsan
  • Armor Hero Captor/Captor King : Nangong Xinyi
  • Armor Hero Ultra Max: Lin Zhikai





  • All of the actors from previous series will not reprise their role in this movie.
    • However, the voice actors will.
  • This film is the first time Armor Hero series will have a co-operation with Toei Company. In this case, Toei will help with the CGI.[2]

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