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Armor hero Hunter Armor logo
Armor Hero Hunter Armor
Number 05
Number of episodes: 60
First episode:
Original airing: October 2018
Armor Hero Captor

Armor Hero Hunter Armor (铠甲勇士猎铠 Kǎi Jiǎ Yǒng Shì Liè Kǎi) is the fifth installment of the Armor Hero Series.


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The Armor HeroesEdit

Hunter Armor Horse Ren Tianyun(铠甲勇士马帅猎铠 - 任天云) - Based on the Chinese warhorse. Played by Dai Rong (戴荣).
Hunter Armor Wolf Jin Hao(铠甲勇士狼帅猎铠 - 金昊) - Based on the Anubis. Played by Kaisei Abe (阿部 快征 Abe Kaisei?).
Hunter Armor Elephant Chen Yaozu(铠甲勇士象帅猎铠 - 陈耀祖) - Based on the Airavata. Played by Qiu Pengyong (裘鹏勇).
Hunter Armor Eagle Shangguan Lan(铠甲勇士鹰帅猎铠 - 上官岚) - Based on the Griffin. Played by Zheng Mingyang (郑明洋).


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Supporting CharactersEdit

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  • This series is to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Armor Hero series.
  • This series first time have a Japanese actor to portray an Armor Hero's human identity.
  • This is the final Armor Hero TV series.

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