This article is about a/an film in the Tokusatsu Super Hero subgenre.
Armor Hero: Atlas
A movie for Armor Hero Lava
Armor Hero Atlas poster HD
Release date October 1, 2014
Written by Zhou Bingyi
Directed by Zhen Guowei
Production Order
Armor Hero: Emperor
Armor Hero: Captor King

movie title

Armor Hero: Atlas (铠甲勇士之雅塔莱斯) is a Chinese tokusatsu movie. Based on the Armor Hero Lava TV series.


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The Armor HeroesEdit

Atlas Duanmu Yan(铠甲勇士之雅塔莱斯 - 端木燕) -

Based on the Thunder Element and the Light Element(雷霆雅塔莱斯).Played by Xu Feng (许峰).

Lava Ma Kuohai(铠甲勇士拿瓦-马阔海 ) - Based on the lava and the Fire Element(焰之拿瓦 ).Played by Li Xinze (李欣泽).
Tornado Ma kuohai (铠甲勇士陀拏多 - 萧风) - Based on the tornado and the Wind Element(飓之陀拏多).Played by Lin Xinze (李欣泽).
Tsunami Ke Sheng( 铠甲勇士茨纳米 - 柯胜) - Based on the tsunami and the Water Element(啸之茨纳米).Played by Zhu Jiaqi(朱嘉琦).
Clif Ke Sheng (铠甲勇士酷雷伏 - 柯胜) - Based on the cliff and the Earth Element(峭之酷雷伏).Played by Zhu Jiaqi(朱嘉琦).
Techno Ke Sheng > Ma Qingsan (铠甲勇士特鲁 -朱嘉琦 > 马青山) - Based on The China Police.Played by Zhu Jiaqi > Kenny ( 朱嘉琦 >曾祥程).


  • Ma Lingling - a clever young girl
  • Ma Qingshan/Albert - Ma Lingling's older brother, a brave man.


  • Day&Good Corporation
    • Ocasers
    • BAK

Supporting CharactersEdit

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  • While the official claims that "The movie is follow-up the TV series", several things are still different.
    • The character's personality was different from the TV.
    • In the final episode Tsunami & Cliff's belt was destroyed, but in movie it appeared again.

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