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Aramis Leclair
Silver Mousquetaire
Armais Leclair
Gender: Male
Show: France Five
Color: Silver
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance:
Last Full Appearance:
Number of Episode Appearances: 5
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Actor: Grégoire Hellot
Silver Mousquetaire
Silver Mousquetaire

"Silver, Mousquetaire!"

Armais Leclair is the Sixth Ranger of France Five.

A mysterious character… Friend or foe ?

Character HistoryEdit

Aramis was an old friend/rival of Antoine Deschaumes. When the France Five project went active he gained similar powers as Silver Mousquetaire and would come to the team's aid from time to time, although he was mainly preoccupied with trying to find and rescue Antoine's fiancee, Sophie.

In the fourth episode when it was discovered the Lexos villainess Extasy was really a brainwashed Sophie, Aramis took a laser blast from Zakaral meant for her and died.

He continued to aid the fight as a ghost, pep-talking Antoine and controlling the Machine Chanteclerc to come to the rest of the team's aid. After the final destruction of Glou Man Chou in outer space, Aramis's spirit presumably went on to his reward.


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Silver MousquetaireEdit


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