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Antoine Deschaumes
Red Fromage
Antoine Deschaumes
Gender: Male
Show: France Five
Color: Red
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Hypnostreum's Attack! Don't Lose the Guide!
Last Full Appearance: This Time, It's the End. Antoine faces his Destiny!
Number of Episode Appearances: 6
Full list of appearances
Actor: Sébastien Ruchet
Red Fromage
Red Fromage

"Red, Fromage!"

Antoine Deschaumes is the Red Fromage (Red Cheese) of France Five. He is a skilled boxer and leader of the France Five .

Taking his duty very seriously, he doesn’t laugh often and is quite patriotic. Following orders and upholding justice are his priorities. He only laughs at the end of episodes, when the danger has been dealt with.

He has a few problems with extra professional people skills and often will others have to drag him around, forcing him to have fun.

Character HistoryEdit

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Red FromageEdit


Wrist Changer (not official name)

Red Laser

  • A red laser gun in a pistol shape that fires red laser beams. It seems to have high recoil. Only used in Episode 1.

Super Camemblade

  • A red sword used in Episode 2 onwards. Red Fromage can charge the sword with energy and can also summon another one.


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