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Amestina Seraphine
Amestina Seraphine (Human) / Lady Mossa
Gender: Female
Villain Type: General
Show: Satria Garuda BIMA X
First Appearance: Satria Garuda Bima-X The Beginning
Last Appearance: Harga Diri Lady Mosa
Number of Episode

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Actor: Paramitha Putri

Amestina Seraphine is Lady Mossa and disguised as a woman entrepreneur stone jewelry with Tina nickname. Tina can access the information and the discovery of new natural stone by stone jewelry business guise.


Lady Mossa first appeared in the form of monsters in a special episode that Satria Garuda Bima-X: New Beginning come together Rexor and Draconer. He entered into the earth when the first invasion by the forces of Black-Lord driving inter-dimensional plane.

Lady Mosa is the only member of the Death Phantoms women, in episode Episode 11: "Misi Scarlet Bintang", with the populations of the Ring Star Scarlet, to search for Power Stone Green.

Lady Mosa one member who easily influenced by the material, yes almost get the white power out of the hands Rica, but ill-fated power failed in rebutnya white stone, due to kelengahannya.

Form great monster appears in Episode 18: "Mencairkan Hati yang Dingin"

Lady MossaEdit

Form Lady Mossa In Shape Robes

Lady Mossa

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Great Monster Lady Mossa

First Appearance: Episode 18


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