Aikoku Sentai Dai-Nippon (愛国戦隊大日本), or Patriotic Squadron Great Japan, was a movie made by Daicon Films, released in 1982. It is a parody Super Sentai shows and is also a satire of the Russo-Japanese War. with the members of the title team (Ai Kamikaze, Ai Harakiri, Ai Sukiyaki, Ai Geisha, and Ai Tempura) fighting the evil plan of the Red Bear Empire (led by "Death Kremlin") to brainwash the children of Japan by replacing the pages of their textbooks with red paper in this "episode."


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Red Ai Kamikaze
Blue Ai Harakiri
Yellow Ai Tempura
Green Ai Sukiyaki
Pink Ai Geisha

Notes Edit

  • Not only is this the first Sentai parody/ tribute, but also the first to contain the word "Sentai" in the name, followed by France Five and Akibaranger.