This article is about a/an set of team members in Kanpai Senshi After V.
This is an article about the team, for the show see Kanpai Senshi After V
After V (team)
Kanpai Senshi After V
After V eyecatch
Led by: Red (After V)

Kanpai Senshi After V (Cheers Warriors After V) is the name given to the team who were formed as Golden Warriors Treasure V (Ogon Senshi Treasure V). A team of five combat specialists, they formed to fight against a group of evildoers hellbent on ruling the world, who the police and Self-Defense Force were powerless to stop. However, their drinking parties after battles became better known than the battles themselves, and they became known as After V.

After VEdit

After V pose

Team pose.

Red Red (After V) New Red Red
Blue Blue (After V)
Pink Pink (After V)
Yellow Yellow (After V) New Yellow Yellow Temporary Yellow Yellow
Green Green (After V)


Lame Gold Chief (After V)

Team HistoryEdit


Above: The After V out drinking.
Below: After V's gemstones.






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